Who gets Pemphigus Vulgaris ?

– Causes are

1) Genetic Susciptibility:

  •  Individuals with HLA-DRB/*402, 1401/04 , DAB/*503 are susceptible to develop PV 
  • Chase with DRB/*0102, 0404 are susceptible to develop PF

2) Ethnic Groups :

  • Jeues are more commonly affected than non-jeues. In India demo Gujrat and Assam are more vulnerable to develop disease.

3) 1st degree relatives of Pemphigus patients 

4) Environmental Factors: 

  • Sunlight exposure ueoesens the disease 
  • Exposure to pesticides, goods that contain thials, phenols and polyphenolic compounds like tannis
  • consumption of goods containing thiols like garlic and onion.

5) Immunology

  • Autoantibodies are directed against antigens located in epidermis(Desmosomes)
  • Desmosomes are disreupted cells become rounded and seprate.