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Pemphigus Vulgaris. A Makeover Journey.

Committed To Treating Pemphigus Vulgaris

We Create a Makeover Journey

Aim-I am in the Divine Circle to treat Pemphigus Vulgaris Cases.They all have healed and leading a healthy and happy life.

I am Extreamely Thankful to the patients  who gave me an apportunity to serve them.

Mother Teresa once said,

God comes in various disguises

I believe all Pemphigus Vulgaris Cases are coming in Disguises to build a greater karma of my life.

I am thankful that lord utilises me for this great cause.

I am thankful to all the nurses,my PG students,my Interns,my collegues,various drug companies,hospitals for all the co-operation in the divine process of healing


Dr. Smita Chakote

MD,Gold Medailist Master of Dermatology

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Reviews From Our Happy Patients

Creating Vibrant Smiles For Healthy Lifestyles!
Minakshi Kore

“I was suffring from Pemphigus Vulgaris from past 2 years shown to many doctors but did not got any results.My self confidence used to go low day by day from this problem.By this I used to avoid interactions with pepole and try to be alone more.When Consulted dr.Smita Chakote i got confidence that i will be free from this disease.Thank You dr.Smita for giving me new life “

Dattatray Chavan

“The experience of taking treatment on Pemphigus Vulgaris over here really good and the results are actully amazing! I had been taking such treatments else where or really a long time like for almost 5 years then I started taking treatment over here and i have got good treatment and for this i want to thank you very much”

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